Wednesday, April 30, 2014

pia.patricia cafe: Home is Where the Humba Is

In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess pia.patricia cafe along A.S. Fortuna St, Banilad, is owned by friends of mine. Even while I was still in Manila, I was already looking forward to coming here. Especially after seeing friends' photos of the food and interiors. Having been away from Cebu for a few years, I was desperate for Cebuano comfort food, and that is what pia.patricia is all about.

pia.patricia cafe is along A.S. Fortuna St., near Rolling Hills and beside Maiqui's Bakeshop

Still on its soft opening, pia.patricia cafe is an eatery with a well curated menu of Cebuano heirloom dishes, specializing in different varieties of the Visayan fiesta staple, Humba and the beloved Inun-unan. Along with their crispy vegetable lumpia, these dishes are served family style, enough to feed a group of three.

Humba with Egg and Saging, one of the many varieties of Humba available
The Humba was just what I needed. It brought me back to summers in my Lola's house in Moalboal, where Humba was served every fiesta. It was delicious paired with the Pickled Veggies and Lumpia.
A wonderful Cebuano meal.

The prices are very reasonable, this big pot of Humba that could be shared is only P150 while the Veggie Lumpia is only P80 per serving.

Pickled vegetables, Humba, and Veggie Lumpia, served family style
Yummy side dishes of atchara and pickled vegetables are likewise available, with the pickled vegetables also sold in pretty jars for taking home.

For dessert and merienda, you can have brazo de mercedes or carrot cake, along with local favorites, chilled taho, turon and budbud with mangga and sikwate. I love that the sikwate is the old fashioned thinner version, similar to the ones we used to buy from the mercado with puto maya early in the morning, and it is a steal at P65!

 There's also brewed coffee and a wide assortment of teas, featuring selections from TWG and Dilmah.

Apart from the food, I was really quite taken with the charming interiors. The place is very cozy, with only three tables and a ledge with bar seats facing the street, but so wonderfully decorated. It feels like dining in a favorite laysho tita's summer home.

pia.patricia cafe
A.S. Fortuna St.,
Banilad, Cebu City
open daily from 10:00 to 10:00 PM 

A Prodigal Daughter Comes Home

I did not realize how much I missed Cebu until I was back in its extra warm embrace.

Magellan's Cross reinforced

When I was younger I could not wait to get out of Cebu, finding its small town feel claustrophobic. I wanted to be anonymous in a big city, and I got what I wanted, but in all the cities I lived in, I never felt at home.

Harbor City Dimsum Steamed Fried Rice & Spring Rolls

Being away from Cebu for several years had me constantly craving its beaches, convenient public transportation and delicious yet inexpensive food. I missed family and friends, and the security of knowing they are just a text message or phone call away. So when the opportunity to come home and start a project here in the Queen City was given to me, I immediately grabbed it.

Aerial view of Cebu from my flight back home

Now that I am back, I realize the Cebu I came home to is not the Cebu I left, so much has changed but my love for this city feels the same. I cannot wait to revisit old favorites and discover new places, meet old friends and make new ones. All the time exploring what it really means to be a Cebuana today.